Chapter 1 Reading – 2004 Award Winner

September 2, 2009

This article was an interesting bookend to the Wall Street Journal articles discussing what employers want from MBA students. Based on the positive results MCB has achieved for its students and the good reviews its students and the program receive from employers, it appears that MCB has done a great job of meeting the needs of both students and employers. I really like the approach of getting direct input from the local business community to facilitate improvement in the school’s curriculum. If you want to make sure your program is producing graduates who can meet employers’ needs, it makes a lot of sense to get input from employers regarding the curriculum. I also liked the idea of involving students in improving MCB’s programs. Increasing student involvement in this process encourages students to take a more active role in their education and helps build strong connections between students and the school that will likely remain long after the students have graduated.  Thinking back to the Wall Street Journal Articles regarding MBA students, it would be interesting to see if similarly positive results could be obtained by implementing some of the ideas discussed in this article at schools that offer MBA programs.


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