Chapter 1 Reading – Wall Street Journal Article on How to Get Hired

September 2, 2009

I found this article somewhat disconcerting in that it highlights a number of problems employers see in the MBA candidates that they are interviewing. It appears that a number of recruiters and employers are not happy with the candidates they are seeing, which means that, as the economy worsens, those of us who graduate in the coming years will need to work even harder to show them that we have the skills they are looking for. And, thinking about some of the concerns expressed by recruiters and employers in this article—specifically those related to ethics and an ability to get along with other employees—I wonder if these things can really be taught to students in an academic setting. Would an increased focus on ethics have caused Bernie Madoff or the ENRON culprits to act differently? Or would they have done the same things regardless? Similarly, while schools can emphasize the importance of being respectful and courteous to others, especially those working underneath them, this seems like something that a student is unlikely to learn if they have not already picked up these necessary interpersonal skills by the time they reach this point.


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