Chapter 11 Reading: Notes on Level 5 Leadership

November 5, 2009

The Level 5 Leadership concept seems like interesting idea for defining the characteristics an individual should have as they transition for being a successful individual employee to being a successful leader, and, ultimately, to being an executive. I especially like the personal humility and professional will aspects that this approach contends is needed for an executive to be successful, as these are qualities that all leaders should aspire too. Of course, as we see both in and outside of the business world, these qualities are often lacking in the people who wind up in leadership positions.

I wonder though, can anyone truly reach the fifth level of leadership? As people, we all have flaws and we all find ourselves in situations where we react poorly to the events unfolding around us. It is only natural that we will, at times, blame others for problems—especially if that problem is actually their fault—and that we will want to take credit when our efforts have been a big factor in the success of our organizations. To me, these qualities seem like what we, as leaders, should strive for, but with an understanding that it is not going to be possible to be all of these things all of the time.


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